International Boondock Saints Angels

Angels for Angels-Angels for Life

How to become me an I.B.D.S.A?


Hi and welcome to the "International Boondock Saints Angels" Appclication Area. If you are interested in becoming an I.B.D.S.A as well, just join us by sending a request at:
We will get back to you a.s.a.p.
The Membership is for FREE! This is a non-profit Community! All we do is share the Love to the Twins!
You should:
#Be over 21
#Be a huge fan of the MacManus Twins 
#Also being a fan of Norman Reedus/Sean Patrick Flanery
#Love to meet new people
#Be loyal
Where should you come from:
#All over the world! We love any kind of people! No matter where you come from! We are international! But it helps a lot if you can communicate in english. 
#Any kind of Stalkers, if YOU wanna be an IBDSA than respect the private life of Norman and Sean Patrick. 
#Haters! Yep we had that already. Some like Norman but don´t like Sean, or like Sean and don´t like Norman. A absolute NO GO! There would be NO Murphy without Connor and NO Connor without Murphy. So RESPECT both Actors! 
Any negative or hateful comments will be deleted and the Writer will be banned and will losing his/her membership of being an IBDSA. 
For any questions, pls contact us!.  
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