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Meet Noah MacManus

Noah MacManus, better known as II Duce, is the father of Connor and Murphy MacManus, and fellow partner of the vigilantes who hunt down and kill criminals and mobsters. He first appears in The Boondock Saints as a main character and appears in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day as a supporting character where he is killed in a shoot out. He also has a butterfly tattoo on the back of his right hand, but when he got it is unknown.Noah MacManus immigrated from Ireland to New York City with his father Jacob MacManus in the 1950's. They worked a leather shop with several other Irish Americans. Noah befriended a young Italian immigrant named Louie. One day, New York City mobsters walked into their leather shop demanding assistance. When Noah's father refused to work with the mobsters, they brutally murdered him in front of Noah's eyes. Louie did not arrive in time to save Noah's father, finding Noah to be mentally scarred by the whole experience.

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